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Questions to Ask Your Plastic Surgeon About Getting a Facelift

As your body changes, you may have noticed your chin drooping or maybe laugh lines that you are not happy to see. When these changes start to show up, you may be wondering if it is the right time to get a facelift. It is a relatively standard procedure, but there are several questions to ask your plastic surgeon before moving forward.

Should You Get a Traditional Facelift?

It is a legitimate question to ask your plastic surgeon if you need a facelift. Most people want to look like a younger version of themselves. You may not need a facelift to achieve the results you want and instead may have a less invasive option available. Your plastic surgeon will be able to tell you about your choices when you talk.

Are You Too Old for a Facelift?

Age is a touchy subject for many people interested in a facelift because they do not want to look their age and wish to appear younger. Facial changes happen as you approach your 40s and more so when you are in your 50s and 60s. The truth is that facelifts are safe for older individuals as long as complete evaluations have been done and the surgeon has signed off.

What Are the Different Procedures?

Skin gets more fragile and less elastic as you get older, so your doctor may suggest specific areas instead of a complete facelift. In traditional facelifts, your surgeon will make an incision near your ears and hairline to pull the skin back, and excess skin is removed. If you want to focus on your neck or jowls, the procedure is similar but specific to those areas.

How Much Time Does It Take for Recovery?

Once surgery has been completed, your face will be in a bandage for a few days. You will receive a prescription for pain medication to help with pain and swelling. You can expect that bruising and swelling will last for a couple of weeks after surgery. You will likely need to return for a follow-up visit to remove sutures shortly after that.

What Skin Regimen Should You Follow After Surgery?

Given the time and money invested in having a facelift done, you want to do the best you can to protect your skin afterward. Your plastic surgeon should recommend a skincare routine for you to follow to keep your skin looking and feeling great. You will also want to keep your face out of direct sunlight to minimize UV exposure.

What is Your Surgeon’s Experience?

The best result comes from a surgeon that has plenty of experience with performing facelifts. Ask how often the surgeon recommends your procedure, and do not be shy about asking for before and after photos. You want to see the work to get an idea of what your outcome will be after a facelift.

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