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Fractionated Thulium Resurfacing

If you have aging skin, you may benefit from fractionated thulium resurfacing through LaseMD. This type of laser uses energy to make micro-channels in your skin. That allows the effects to be implemented. The micro-channels can stimulate your body’s production of elastin and collagen.

East Bay Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery is situated in the heart of Oakland’s Uptown District, and therefore sees all varieties of skin types. Developed in Korea, where the population is notoriously difficult to treat because of the type of pigmentation seen in that population, LaseMD is the only laser approved for all skin types, including LatinX, African, Central Asian, South Asian, and all other skin types. East Bay Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery is the only facility in the area equipped with this laser.

How LaseMD Works

Creating micro-channels can improve your skin’s overall quality and health. This change takes place with your skin’s cells, making a visible difference. LaseMD treatments can improve many types of skin imperfections and concerns. This includes everything from sun damage to acne to uneven skin tone to fine lines. It can even tighten your skin somewhat.

The LaseMD treatment can be customizable to your needs. You can get just a little boost from the laser. Or you can choose to get a full resurfacing of your skin. The resurfacing can remove up to five years of aging in just one 20-minute session.

The most basic treatment is LaseMD Glow. You can resume your normal activities right after having this treatment. If you choose to get LaseMD Restor or LaseMD Refine, your skin will be red for just a few days. You can use makeup just 24 hours after the treatment.

Benefits of Treatment

LaseMD can rebuild your skin to be both healthy and glowing. The LaseMD offers effective but gentle treatment for you. After the treatment session, you will not have to have any downtime. One of the best parts is that you can receive a treatment that has been customized for your individual needs. This is the only laser treatment in the East Bay area that is safe for all types of skin.

This type of laser treatment also offers several other advantages as well. These can include:

· Removing severe or moderate sun damage.

· Improving your skin’s appearance if it is coarse, uneven, or rough.

· Removing fine lines and wrinkles.

· Treating any type of Melasma.

· Reducing acne and scarring from acne.

Where Is Resurfacing Commonly Used?

You can safely have LaseMD anywhere on your body if you have sun damage or fine lines there. Of course, the most common area to have treated is the face. The neck and chest are other common areas. However, some patients choose to have the arms, shoulders, and hands treated as well.

When getting this treatment, you will want to make sure that your skin has a unified appearance. You do not want to do just your face and neglect your neck or hands. Generally, you will want to do one treatment on other areas of your body for every four treatments on your face. This is because areas, such as the neck and hands, do not need the treatment as often as your face does.

Everyone is a good candidate for LaseMD. Whether you are tanned, pale, or somewhere in between, the treatment is safe. Any skin tone can have it as well.

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