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How often can I get Botox?

As we get older, our bodies go through a great deal of changes. Our skin is no exception. The majority of skin changes are very natural, such as the biological decline in the amount of collagen and elastin that our body produces. Our skin is also affected by the many external substances that it is exposed to – such as UV light from the sun, tobacco, pollution and even the cosmetic products that we use.

There are countless products available that claim to be able to support the skin as it goes through this aging process. However, the results of these creams, lotions, gels, facemasks and more can vary widely. Most have one thing in common – the product requires continuous use, weekly or even daily, to maintain any improvement. Fortunately, there is another option – a treatment that you can receive several times per year and then forget about while you continue to live life to the fullest. This treatment is known as Botox.

About Botox

Botox is a neurotoxin that is successfully used to enhance facial features and eliminate areas of concern. The neurotoxin is injected into the targeted areas of the face where it goes into the muscles, paralyzing them so that they lose the ability to contract. In doing this, the overlying skin is also frozen in place and can no longer contract and cause lines and wrinkles. Instead, the skin looks tighter, smoother and more youthful in appearance. However, the effects of Botox are only temporary.

Botox procedures are extremely safe and effective. Each appointment can be performed in under an hour from start to finish, and there is no downtime, enabling you to return to work or any other activities immediately following treatment. Some of the other benefits of Botox include:

- The non-invasive nature of this treatment, which delivers outstanding results with no need to have a surgical procedure.

- There is no pain, and no need for anesthetic since the needle used to deliver Botox is so fine it can barely be felt.

- There is no scarring caused by Botox. The pinpricks used to deliver the neurotoxin will fade within an hour or two of treatment.

- Patients can see the result of their treatment instantly.

- Botox is now more affordable and accessible than ever before.

How often can Botox be performed?

The effects of Botox typically only last for between three and four months. After this, you will start to notice that your muscles regain movement, which enables the overlying skin to contract once more, losing its smooth and tight appearance.

If you wish to sustain your results indefinitely, we recommend that patients initially undergo Botox every three to four months in line with the effectiveness of the treatment. That said, if your facial muscles begin to train themselves to contract less, you may be able to extend the effectiveness of your treatment and have Botox a little less frequently – perhaps only once every six months.

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