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Why Liposuction Is STILL the Most Popular Body Contouring Procedure

Statistical data reveals that there’s been a 6.5 percent increase in liposuction procedures in the United States. This figure compares records in 2015 and 2019 from the Aesthetic Plastic Surgery National Databank. Commonly known as lipo, this type of plastic surgery has always been on the rise for decades. Here’s why liposuction is still the most popular body contouring procedure in the country.

Key Benefits of Liposuction

Both men and women across the globe continue to flock by the thousands for liposuction treatments. There are several reasons why it keeps on attracting more and more people every year:

  • It Targets Many Areas in Your Body. Liposuction aims to remove stubborn fat from your body in one procedure. You don’t need to wait to undergo different surgeries over several months as you can already enjoy results altogether in one session. Once your plastic surgeon determines that you’re a good candidate for liposuction, they can help transform your body by eliminating unwanted fat on pretty much any body part. These include your neck, chest, back, arms, abdomen, waist, hips, thighs, calves, knees, and butt.

  • It Results in Minimal or No Scarring. Any procedure that involves cutting through the skin layer will result in a wound that will remain visible for some time. Incisions from liposuction are not an exception. However, an experienced plastic surgeon will make the incisions during the surgery as small as possible. Usually, it’s less than an inch in length. They will make these minor incisions where they’re least likely to be noticed.

  • It Can Improve Diet and Fitness Outcome. A healthy, well-balanced diet and regular exercise can enhance your body shape. If you’ve been sticking to a healthy regimen, you know that you’re already sexy and beautiful. Sadly, we have areas in our bodies that don’t seem flattering in specific clothing types. Do you want to improve those body parts that seem to hold onto extra fat regardless of your lifestyle changes? If so, liposuction could be an excellent solution for you. The procedure gets rid of stubborn fat cells permanently. This reinforces the positive outcome of your healthy lifestyle, giving you the body you have always wanted. Getting liposuction and seeing your contoured body will provide you with the greatest motivation to continue working out and eating healthy.

  • It Helps Increase Your Quality of Life. Enhancing your body contour with plastic surgery like liposuction can offer a host of benefits. Not only will it improve your physical comfort, but the stunning results will also improve your emotional health. Cosmetic surgery is often mistaken as something driven by vanity. But the positive transformation liposuction provides can even ease anxiety and depression. Having the body shape you want will help improve your self-image and self-confidence. This will impact your career, relationships, and other aspects of your life.

Getting liposuction is a profoundly personal decision. It’s a highly individualized procedure that you should only do for yourself, not fulfill someone else’s desires. Do you want to improve your overall sense of well-being? Visit our highly skilled plastic surgeons at the East Bay Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery. Call our office in Oakland, California, to schedule your preliminary assessment.