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Why May I Need to Get a Mole Removed?

The occurrence of moles on a body is not uncommon. But while moles are often harmless, some of them are not. A mole comprises a cluster of skin cells that can appear on any body part. They are usually brown or black.

In some instances, they adopt your natural skin tone. According to experts, moles often appear before the age of twenty. For many, they are usually not cancerous (benign).

Why You May Need Mole Removal

Most moles are nothing to worry about. The American Academy of Dermatology says most people have about 10 to 40 moles. If they are benign and do not bother you, removing them is optional. It is especially true if you do not like how it impacts your appearance. Sometimes, clothes rubbing against it can be irritating. If this is the case, you can opt to remove the mole.

Identifying a Cancerous Mole

The most effective way to identify a cancerous mole is to visit your dermatologist. Getting an annual skin cancer screening can help determine whether a mole is cancerous. More frequent screenings might be advisable if you have a history of skin cancer. That said, you should book an appointment with your dermatologist if the mole:

  • Has irregular borders

  • Is asymmetrical

  • Is evolving or altering. It can include changes in size or shape

  • Has various colors

  • Is unusually large

These are the common mole checks your dermatologist uses. He or she then decides to test them for cancer.

Other Reasons Why You May Need a Mole Removed

Self-esteem Issues

Cosmetic considerations comprise the leading objective for mole removal. Some people are naturally more susceptible to moles than others. As well, an abundance of moles on your body can lead to self-esteem issues as a result of your appearance. Some moles, especially the dark-colored ones, are hard to conceal with makeup.

So, getting the mole removed is a viable option. The procedure leaves your skin looking clear and smooth. This improves the confidence and self-esteem of the patient. Moles that appear in noticeable areas and are hard to conceal can be problematic to some people.


In some instances, moles can be painful. If they grow in large quantities in certain areas of the body, they can be irritating. For example, moles appearing on your head can make brushing or combing your hair painful. Furthermore, hair follicles growing within or close to moles can cause inflammation. It can result in discomfort and pain. This may be a good reason to get them removed.

Medical Reasons

As mentioned earlier, most moles are benign. But if you notice the signs mentioned above, it could be an indication of melanoma development. This is arguably the most severe form of skin cancer.

Your doctor will perform a biopsy on the suspicious and pre-cancerous moles before they cause irreversible damage to your health. Regular checkups by your dermatologist can help detect and remove these moles early. Removing moles at home can be quite dangerous.

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