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Botox: What to Expect


Are you trying to make up your mind about whether to get Botox? If so, you need to know what to expect. Millions of people opt for Botox treatments every year. In the past, most people frowned upon this treatment. Fast forward and it is now the go-to treatment for many people looking for the elusive fountain of youth.

Do you want to look fabulous and young for years to come? If so, Botox may be the thing for you. However, what does the treatment involve? What will happen after you leave your cosmetic surgeon’s office? These are questions you need to consider before you get the treatment.

What Is Botox?

Botox injections aim to reduce wrinkles. Doctors can also use Botox to treat several other conditions such as extreme sweating, neck spasms, lazy eye, and an overactive bladder. These injections can help stop chronic migraines as well.

Botox injections contain a toxin that temporarily prevents the muscle in the treatment area from moving. These injections work by blocking various chemical signals from the nerves to the muscles that cause wrinkling.

What to Expect

Botox is one of the most popular and effective wrinkle-reducing treatments. It is an alternative to invasive cosmetic procedures that can cause some worrisome side effects. Furthermore, getting these injections does not take long. You can even get them during your lunch hour. Some of the things to expect from this treatment include:

A Consultation

Before you get the initial treatment, your cosmetic surgeon or dermatologist will ask you several questions. When it comes to any cosmetic procedure, success begins with knowing the patient and understanding their expectations. If you plan to set up a routine injection schedule, a consultation is especially important.

This consultation will help ensure that you understand your expectations and goals. It will also allow you to learn more about the process and ask questions. Your dermatologist or cosmetic surgeon will also give you a detailed account of what to expect from the treatment.

Numbing of the Injection Site

Your cosmetic surgeon may choose to numb the injection site before injecting Botox if you feel nervous. But even without numbing, most patients feel very little during the treatment. The micro-needle used to inject Botox is so thin that you may not even notice its administration.

During the Treatment Procedure

Botox treatments usually take place in a doctor’s office. Your dermatologist or doctor will use a needle to insert tiny amounts of the toxin into your muscles or skin. How many injections you need depends on several factors, including the size of the treatment area.

After the Treatment

After the procedure, you need to avoid massaging or rubbing the treatment area for at least 24 hours. The purpose of this is to prevent the toxin from spreading to other areas. However, you can resume your normal activities immediately after getting Botox.


The Botox treatment usually starts working within three days. Depending on the problem treated, the results may last for three months or longer. However, you may need regular follow-up treatments to maintain the results.

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