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We all know that first impressions can be the only chance that we get when meeting somebody for the first time. This is why many people can stress about skin that does not appear flawless. Unfortunately, there are a variety of different factors that can wreak havoc on the health and appearance of your skin.

While it may be tempting to walk down the aisle of a local store and just pick different products at random, East Bay Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery can help give you the results that you want. We can also help you eliminate the runaround by using products that are ineffective or useless while matching your specific skin conditions with the right product.

ZO Skin Health is a comprehensive line of specialty products that can help you maintain the effects of therapeutic treatment and also protect your skin from being damaged by the environment.

Understanding the ZO Skin Health System

ZO Skin Health products are designed to provide a thoroughly comprehensive approach to improving and maintaining the appearance of your skin. This is achieved by focusing on four unique steps.

  • Therapeutic – Once a skin condition has been diagnosed, you may receive some type of therapeutic treatment. This can include a procedure or a variety of different medications, including products offered by ZO Skin Care.

  • Maintenance – This approach helps to keep reoccurring issues at bay by treating them before they start. This can help keep your skin looking younger and firmer while not allowing an underlying skin condition to cause any damage in the first place. This has the added benefit of not allowing your skin to become prematurely aged.

  • Daily Skincare – There are a variety of factors that we encounter every single day that can have a comprehensive negative effect on the appearance of our skin. The ZO Skin Health system is designed to protect your skin from a range of issues to keep your skin feeling young and fresh.

  • Preventative – If you can avoid damage to your skin in the first place, then you don’t even have to try to heal that. ZO Skin Health can help to protect your skin from Ultraviolet Rays (UV), prevent DNA damage, and also improve your skin health by blocking different aggravating factors found in the natural environment.

The ZO Skin Health Approach

Many skincare products available on the market are specifically designed for a certain demographic. Typically, this means that many people will not gain the full stated effects, or that it may not work at all. However, the ZO Skin Care approach set out to create a line of products that could be used by a wide variety of patients. This means that ZO can help you regardless of the tone of your skin, your age, and your gender.

How ZO Skin Health Can Help

ZO Skin Health can be used as part of an everyday routine, but many of the products in the ZO lineup can also be used to treat a variety of different conditions. If you have been attempting to find out more about your specific skin condition, call our offices today and schedule an appointment. However, with a wide range of conditions covered by ZO Skin Health, you may tell our staff that you are interested in this approach. These conditions include Rosacea, sun damage, hyperpigmentation, wrinkles, acne, melasma, PIH, skin texture, and even large pores.


If you have been searching for options to help treat issues associated with your skin, call East Bay Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery in Oakland, CA today to schedule your appointment 510-451-6950. Our talented staff has the knowledge and tools to help understand your skin conditions and offer you the best line of treatment options. There is simply no substitute when it comes to ensuring that your skin maintains the youthful and vibrant appearance that you deserve.