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Why Get Breast Reduction?

Why choose a breast reduction?

Women who have particularly large or heavy breasts can find that they inhibit their daily activities and prevent them from enjoying life the way that that they would like to. Some of the most common reasons for choosing a reduction include their breasts…

- preventing them from participating in certain sports
- causing back pain
- causing breathing problems and for them to get out of breath easily
- attracting unwanted attention
- preventing them from wearing the clothes that they would like to
- causing embarrassment, anxiety and self-esteem issues
- creating rashes and skin irritations and infections under the breasts
- giving them shoulder or neck pain
- psychological distress in the form of low self-esteem or depression
- seeming out of proportion to the rest of their body

Breast Reduction Surgery

There are different types of breast reduction surgery, and the variety that you will receive will depend on the shape and size of your natural breasts, and the shape and size that you wish to achieve. Generally, the larger and more pendulous your breasts, the greater the amount of surgery required to create a smaller, perkier chest

On the day of your surgery you will be given a general anesthetic, which will ensure that you are asleep for the duration of the procedure. Excess fat and tissue will then be removed through incisions in the natural curves of your breasts wherever possible, to minimize scarring. It may also be necessary to relocate your nipples to a more esthetic and natural position on your breasts.

Recovery from breast reduction surgery

After your operation, you will probably experience moderate discomfort for a few days. However, you will be given pain relief to help alleviate this and you will soon be able to switch to over-the-counter medications.

You will need to take off from work for around two weeks after your surgery, but will be strongly-advised to remain wearing a post-operative bra for between six and twelve weeks after your operation.

Our team will provide you with specific instructions for your aftercare in the weeks following your procedure, and these should be followed precisely to ensure you have the quickest and most straightforward recovery, and the best results from your breast reduction surgery.

If you would like to know more about how breast reduction surgery can transform your appearance and restore your confidence and self-esteem, or if you would like to schedule a consultation to assess your candidacy for the procedure, please do not hesitate to get in touch with our knowledgeable and experienced professional cosmetic surgery team today.